Optimizing Images for Blog Posts

optimize images 1 w arrow.JPG

1. In the Squarespace navigation, select "Master Blog".

optimize images 2 w arrow.JPG

2. In the list on left, click on the post with the image you want to edit. Then click on "Edit".

optimize images 3 w arrow.JPG

3. Click on the "Options" tab

optimize images 4 w arrow.JPG

4. Hover your mouse over the image, then click and drag the "Image Focal Point" to where you estimate it might display a better image. Click "Save" and then navigate back out and see how the image appears on the post’s individual page as well as on a gallery page. (You might also want to experiment with what you can do via the "Edit" button below the image. You might want to have a backup copy of the image in case of mistakes.)