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  • Humanist Community

    TED Talk Salon, Nov. 1st @ 2:30pm

    Join us for our next TED discussion, "Can prejudice ever be a good thing?" Psychologist Paul Bloom seeks to show that  prejudice is often natural, rational... even moral. The key, says Bloom, is to understand how our own biases work — so we can take control when they go wrong.

  • Ethics in Action

    Fall Food Drive

    Please participate in our food shelf drive for the Food Group of New Hope. This non-sectarian food network has been serving those in need for over 35 years. Let's remember those who are still struggling in this current economy and practice compassion.

  • Our Vision

    We aspire to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment and contribute to the greater good of humanity and the planet through reason, science, compassion and creativity. 


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Blog: Humanist Voices

Scott Lohman interviews Corine Wegener of U. S. Committee of the Blue Shield ( regarding the preservation of our shared cultural heritage. Watch Humanist Views: Humanism and Cultural Preservation in Activism & Non-Profit |  View More Free Videos Online at


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