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diversity MNH post 5 imageResponding to conversations with Humanists of MN members, I started a series titled “Squinting at Postmodernism.”  I will write the third in this sequence that I started a few months ago soon; this time, however, I’m responding again to an event organized by the MN Humanists on issues that, many of us would like to believe, the history of humanism has always been concerned with, namely, inclusivity and diversity.  The guest speaker on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 was Vanessa Gomez-Brake, co-president of the Bay Area Humanists Association.  Her presentation was lively, accessible, and interactive; the crowd of about 50 people responded spontaneously and eagerly.  It was a stimulating and thought-provoking occasion.

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cavemanIs the colloquial idiom "comparing apples to oranges" an appropriate way to talk about what Postmodernism actually put forward? Is it possible to talk about multiplicity, diversity, and plurality without falling into the chaos and relativism that most people perceive Postmodernism to be?

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cavemanWhat could get humanists to squint differently at postmodernism? Perhaps a gentle, slow, and gradual persuasion back into a conversation? What would be the goal—perhaps to contemplate, even with reluctant awareness, that late 20th century Western European and North American humanism, which we inhabit or claim, is not only synchronous with, but also that this humanism and this postmodernism are mutually informed?

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freedom-birds-20249289Humanists in Minnesota, meet diversity and inequality. Diversity and inequality, meet Humanists in Minnesota. Introductions are usually made when people/things are strangers to each other. What difference does it make to our understanding and practice of Humanism whether we bypass diversity and inequality or take them into account? 

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