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Penguin Couple 1 by Merlin2525Recently, my family was invited to a church wedding. As a humanist, I used the invite as an opportunity for my son to visit a church and get an idea what all the commotion is about. During the service, the pastor started to talk about love and told everyone that the only way we can truly love is by embracing God’s love. This started me to think what do we know about love?

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ThinkerSo you want to teach your child critical thinking? Have you ever considered philosophy? Recently there has been an explosion of resources on the internet regarding teaching philosophy to children. What follows is a description of a few resources you may not know about.

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free 1332359I’m pleased to announce a new web page sponsored by Humanists of Minnesota. Twin Cities Freethinking Families is located via and is specifically aimed towards families.

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enter-buttonWhat?!? You don’t know about SkepTech? Well, let me tell you about it! SkepTech is a unique conference aiming to celebrate how diverse technologies and people have made the skeptic movement as awesome as it is.

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elegantsolution clouds and lightningTragedy can strike at any time. When it does, human beings have a remarkable ability to come together to help each other out. This “we’re all in this together” attitude is something humanism embraces. Therefore, it is discouraging when individuals proclaim in the media that the victims are being punished for “sins” and that it is a message to the rest of us. However, this raises a question: Is it moral to behave simply out of fear of punishment?

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