Garyprison Cox is a member of HofMN and an inmate at the Oak Park Heights prison. He is co-editor of the prison inmate publication, "A New Perspective," from which the following is excerpted.

The proverb "out of sight, out of mind" is likely familiar to most everyone. Yet how many of us fully appreciate just what a profound truth it actually expresses? Relatively few, I would hazard to guess. In short, we depend on our sense of vision much more than we realize – or should, once the scope of the situation is properly grasped. As the notoriously cryptic Yogi Berra might once have quipped: We are often blinded by what we can’t see.  An example of this is prisons.

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one world

We live in an age when we cannot and must not cede ethical thought and process to religion. While many religious people are good people and do good things, no religious tradition offers a moral philosophy or code by which all of humanity can live. Humanism offers a better way to do ethics that is accessible to all-using shared information and a common language.

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ONational Day of Reasonn May 1st humanists will gather with many other secularists around the country to celebrate the National Day of Reason. Local Minnesotans will be doing the same at the state capitol. As in the past, this year’s National Day of Reason coincides with the Congressionally-mandated and federally-supported National Day of Prayer when many religious people gather to pray in and around halls of government. To counteract the latter, secularists come together to uphold this day as a Day of Reason—and ask our legislators to commit to making every day of their public service a day of reason. 

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planned parenthood rallyAbsolutely! It is essential to rally for accessibility to safe abortion services, comprehensive sex education and a complete array of reproductive options as these are continually assailed here locally and across the country. As a humanist, how can one not support this cause? A rhetorical question, you think? Not really. To bridge the immense rift the abortion issue has created in society, we need better ethical arguments than the simple appeal to “rights” that has largely defined the issue.

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I aMichael and Jim Ryan May 2013lmost didn’t go. After all, I have been at the state capitol plenty of times this legislative session. But my activist son insisted that it would be a historic occasion. And indeed it was! It turned out to be an exhilarating experience to be at the capitol on Thursday, May 9 and Monday, May 13 when the Minnesota House and Senate respectively voted to broaden the legal definition of marriage to include gay and lesbian couples. It was great to run into many friends and acquaintances, including fellow happy humanists, Michael and Jim Ryan, shown here.

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