gun violence STOPStand your ground!  That is the rallying cry of the gun lobby.  But this is no defensive strategy; they have gone on the offensive.  The gun lobby would like to take us back to the Wild West. With a good friend in the White House and Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress, second amendment zealots across the country are emboldened to further dismantle every sort of regulation on gun use and ownership. Their distorted views of the constitution and the second amendment fuel their movement and this should be of concern to us all. 

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yoda do or do not 1There was an election, and an inauguration.  Then a transition of governmental power.  Followed immediately thereafter with some mammoth marches.  Wow! Many kinds of power have been on display the past few weeks.   Power is a fact of life; it is neither good nor bad in and of itself.  It all depends on how it is used. Certainly it gives one pause that now one of the most powerful people on the planet is a person of such disreputable character. But as recent events demonstrate, we all have power and now is not the time to relinquish it.  As Yoda says:  “Do . . . or do not.  There is no try.”

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womens march St. Paul Jan. 2017The day was bleak. The skies were cloudy. It was drizzly & cold (though warm by Minnesota standards). I spent close to three hours on buses (some of which were extremely crowded), and close to 6 hours mostly standing still or shuffling step by step and doing only a relatively small amount of actual marching. The ground was mostly ice, slush & mud. My back hurt like crazy from having to stand still for so many hours. My feet got frozen from standing on ice. I wouldn’t have minded a bathroom break, but let’s not even talk about porta potties. So I was not a happy camper, physically speaking.

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inauguration day imageOne of the reasons I joined Humanists of Minnesota was that the organization's core values (e.g. the promotion of science and reason, separation of church and state, racial and gender inclusion, etc.) converged with my own personal values. I suspect that other members feel the same way or they wouldn't have joined. However, since joining the organization I have been unsure and ambivalent as to whether or not to express my political views, which may be different from those of other members. But after the recent presidential election, I am compelled to speak out.

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winter sceneWe have had an uncanny mild fall, but the next two months are guaranteed to be dark and dreary.   In just three brief weeks, the shortest day and the longest night will be upon us.  We are entering the darkest days of the year.  And given the outcome of the recent election, for many of us they are going to seem especially dark.  If only hibernation was a real option—like for four years, right?  Wrong!  Even as a metaphor for one’s mindset and demeanor, that’s the worst thing any of us could do now.

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