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The Tao of Cherrypicking

In my past 3 posts, I've presented evidence revealing there is nothing written in the Bible that couldn't have been imagined by a Bronze Age human, that Biblical morality is inconsistent and at times sadistic, and the God of the Bible is more like Kim Jong Il than Mr. Rogers. Christian and Jewish readers may counter that I was taking passages in the Bible out of context, and that those nasty parts were merely a reflection the authors' ancient culture rather than God's word. God "inspired" the Bible after all, he didn't write it. However, the crux of the situation is figuring out which parts of the Bible were truly God-inspired, and which were merely remnants of an archaic culture. While theists throughout the ages have been convinced of their ability to discern the will of God, the reality is that they are all following the Tao of Cherry Picking.

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Humanists of MN Opposes Photo Voter ID Amendment

October 2012

The Board of Directors of Humanists of Minnesota has studied the issues raised by the Voter ID amendment which will be on November’s ballot and has urged all Minnesotans to vote NO. As Scott Lohman, president of the association said, “Minnesota has shown that our voter system is sound and functions well. The Franken recount showed that in a close election, we can trust the process. Requiring a photo ID does nothing but add to it. “ The Board members give three reasons for their call to action:

First, they believe requiring photo ID is unnecessary. Citing the MN Secretary of State’s document “Safeguards in Minnesota’s Election System,” they noted 14 specific checks that are done before, during and after election day. The current system weeds out multiple classes of potential voting irregularities. These include votes by felons, non-citizens, address inconsistencies and listed deaths. Furthermore, election judges monitor the voting itself and after the election the system verifies the votes cast.

Second, the Humanists note that requiring photo ID would burden the taxpayers with costs in the tens of millions of dollars to create the IDs, expand ID issuing facilities, and hire personnel. Also, additional cost would be borne by anyone who was forced to produce documents needed to verify their identity. Those include birth certificate, marriage license, and name change forms. Transportation costs and time off work to show these documents to the county auditor‘s office would also impact provisional voters.

And third, the requirements forced on citizens who have no current photo ID would suppress voter turnout and make voting more difficult for many. The Secretary of State has estimated that hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans would be affected by this new process. Especially burdened would be persons with disabilities, the homeless, the elderly, students living away from home, the poor, those living overseas, deployed military personnel and those for whom English is a second language.

To stop unneeded alterations to the constitution, in the interests of avoiding more taxes and to continue Minnesota’s fine history of voter participation, Humanists of Minnesota urges a NO vote on the amendment.

Humanists of MN Opposes Marriage Amendment

April 2012

Humanists of Minnesota strongly condemns the proposed amendment to the Minnesota state constitution that would restrict marriage to heterosexual couples. We urge all Minnesotans to vote against this misguided and discriminatory amendment.

The humanist tradition, with its commitment to human well-being and the use of science and reason in ethical deliberation, rejects discriminatory treatment under the law on the basis of same sex attraction and fidelity. Through evidence and observation, humanists understand that expressions of sexuality naturally fall along a broad continuum.   We therefore submit that laws governing our common civic life, in this case marriage, must favor science and human reason above sectarian belief and traditionalist dogmas.

Codifying discrimination is never acceptable and cannot withstand the test of law (see previous slavery, Jim Crow, sodomy laws, etc). The proposed marriage amendment does unnecessary harm to same sex couples and would enshrine into the state constitution a form of bigotry that is fast fading. The amendment serves no public good and must be defeated. As humanists we will work with other people of good will through the Minnesotans United for All Families toward that end.

Humanists of Minnesota is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to education and the betterment of society through Humanism. Learn more about us on the web at

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