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Atheist Talk: Roy Speckhardt

Scott Lohman interviews AHA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt on the Athiest Talk radio program about the AHA Annual Convention.


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Atheists Talk: Handy Humanism Handbook by Jen Hancock

Scott Lohman will be talking to Jen Hancock, the author of Handy Humanism Handbook.

Jen blogs at Happiness Through Humanism.  She is an author,  blogger and humanist activist. Her website is at 

Scott is the president of the Humanists of Minnesota. Atheists Talk is produced with funding from the Minnesota Atheists, the Humanists of Minnesota, and the generous support of our members and donors. We also wish to thank Q. Cumbers restaurant for purchasing on-air advertising and for providing a great place to eat and gather.


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Towing Jehovah: James Morrow on Atheists Talk #0075

First, let's suppose that Jehovah God is real.  Good News for the religious, right? Then, let's twist it a bit and see what happens should Jehovah die.  This would cause a major problem for at least the Abrahamic religions.  After all, how could we hope for eternal life if the Provider Himself is subject to mortality? 

The guarantee of eternal life in His Presence would at that time become null and void.  Steps must be taken and a coverup must be carried out.  Hiding bodies is difficult enough, but when the body of Jehovah falls from Heaven and turns out to be two miles long, complications multiply.  The beauty of novels is that they allow absurdities to shed light on reality, and James Morrow uses the device of the dead god to illuminate our notions on religion and philosoophy. 

Scott Lohman interviews Morrow on this episode of Atheist Talk from MN Atheists.


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Humanists at the Fair - Atheists Talk #131

Minnesota State Fairgrounds scene from fire tower What is humanism? What are its core principles? On what topics do humanists agree and disagree, and how do they live these principles? Sunday's show doesn't promise to have all the answers, but the conversation should be illuminating.

Listen to Scott Lohman, president of the Humanists of Minnesota, and friends discuss the topic during one of Minnesota's greatest gatherings of humanity--the Minnesota State Fair. The panel at the live show at the AM950 KTNF booth are Scott Lohman, Audrey Kingstrom and Mark Thoson.



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