Humanist Community

The Humanists of Minnesota offers an increasing variety of programming for our members and friends. Our goal is to provide many opportunities for social connection, ethical development, educational inquiry, societal critique and cultural pursuits in a supportive community that celebrates life in the here and now.

Habits of Humanism

Attends to the practical application of the humanist lifestance in our everyday lives; examines ways to live intentionally and mindfully. Pop-up programming. Times and locations vary.

Humanist Happy Hour 

Just a good time socializing with other humanists and freethinkers. Second and fourth Fridays of the month respectively in St. Paul and Minneapolis locations.

Poetry Group

Explores human experience through poetry. This program has been suspended indefinitely.

TED Talks

A "video salon" for viewing a TED Talk presentation together followed by small group discussion. First Saturday of the month from 3:00-5:00pm. Check our Meet-up site for location.

Tenets of Humanism

Sessions are held periodically for those who are new to humanism or who want to brush up on the basics. Topics covered include: the preeminence of science and reason, ethical foundations and commitments, and making meaning and creating purpose.

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