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Blog: Humanist Voices

Guatemalan GirlsWhat kind of people are humanists anyway? They are people like Autumn Meta.  She's a University of Minnesota student organizing a large Spanish-language book drive to facilitate library growth and literacy efforts in Guatemala.  After an experiential learning trip to this Central American country last year, Autumn returned with a passion to do some good in that part of the world.  She's realistic and determined.  As a pragmatic humanist, she's learned that you don't have to take on the whole world as a project.  Just do some good where you can. 

Common Hope is a secular organization fighting poverty in Central America by supporting education efforts in Guatemala. That focus made a lot of sense to Autumn--as a humanist--so she participated in a service trip last year with this organization.  It broke her heart to see kids without access to books and without the opportunity to develop a love of reading and learning that she herself had growing up.  Autumn returned to Minnesota with that can-do attitude of humanists; we help create the world we want for ourselves and others.

How can you make a difference?

1. Help spread awareness of the Spanish Book Drive project by word of mouth, or post the following link on your personal social media sites and encourage others to participate: . Click on the "I" to read an article about the project.

2. Lead a small scale book drive in your social circle by asking friends, family members, and co-workers to participate. This approach has previously yielded approximately 400 Spanish-language books and is very effective. Every book counts for these children and if every Humanist pledges to collect just 10 books, we can make a sizable contribution together. Contact Autumn directly to receive the book lists and to answer any questions:

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