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Blog: Humanist Voices

600 121483332Photo by Richard W Trombley, Humanists of MN memberThough the nature of climate change as human-induced phenomena has been scientifically validated for a couple of decades, it is a depressing statistic that nearly half of the American population stays ignorant on the issue. Equally alarming is that a significant portion of Americans believe that the media overplays the issue.

“Still, at 42%, the percentage saying the media exaggerate the seriousness remains higher than it was for much of the past decade, although down from the 2010 high point, when it reached 48%.”

In wake of the manufactured controversy over the validity of global warming, Dr. John Abraham has come out as a fighter on the side of science. A professor at the University of St. Thomas, Dr. Abraham has gained widesperad media attention by taking on global warming skeptic Christopher Monckton and his erroneous claims on climate science. Though threatened with legal action and negative campaigns in the aftermath of these confrontations, he has continued to fervently impart the research and knowledge on the topic to the public consciousness. The Humanists of MN were pleased to host him as a speaker at our recent chapter meeting. 

Dr. Abraham kindly shared his presentation slides with anyone interested in arming themselves with this ammunition. You may access it here.

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